Shear Genius

We are thrilled to announce that FSA Engineering Intern Alex Lafontaine, M.A.Sc., EIT has published not one but two papers in industry journals. Both papers are derived from the work he completed for his Master’s.

The goal of the research was to establish a better understanding of the behaviour of light wood-frame shear walls sheathed with gypsum wallboard (GWB) in regards to stiffness, strength and load-deflection response at both the component level and full scale level. The research also predicted the full scale response through the use of component inputs obtained from testing. The research proposes an improvement of the existing GWB design provisions in the Canadian and American wood design standards.

Stiffness Model for Gypsum Wallboard-to-wood joints is available at the Canadian Journal of Civil Engineering (link) and you can find Lateral Behavior of Light Wood-Frame Shear Walls with Gypsum Wall Board at the American Society of Civil Engineering – Journal of Structural Engineering (link).

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