At their best, historic buildings are not only monuments to celebrate our architectural and engineering heritage, but continue to provide a protective environment for their present occupants.

FSA understands the goals and issues with the preservation of historic buildings.  We have developed analytical tools to investigate and evaluate the performance of the historic building fabric and structures using today’s technology, while understanding and respecting the original construction materials and design approaches.

What FSA will do for you:

  • Identification and testing of historic building elements
  • Thermal and moisture analysis of historic building fabrics
  • Investigation and design of repairs to historic roof systems such as copper, terne and slate
  • Structural analysis and design of historic masonry, steel, and wood frame structures
  • Seismic analysis of historic building structures
  • Evaluation and repair specifications for historic window and masonry wall systems
  • Construction administration for repairs to historic buildings

Benefits To Our Clients

  • Effective balance of engineering requirements, historic preservation goals, and costs.
  • Application of current materials, science and investigative tools in harmony with an understanding of tendencies and limitations of historic building materials
  • In-depth knowledge of historic trade practices to assist appropriate specification of repairs and to preserve historic significance
  • Enlightened application of current life safety principles and criteria to conditions within historic buildings