The primary roles of all building envelopes are to isolate the interior environment from the exterior one, by controlling the transmission of heat, light and moisture, and to minimize energy use while doing so.  Sustainability is the capacity to endure for long-term maintenance of well-being, which in turn depends on the health of the natural world and the responsible use of natural resources.  Conservation of natural resources within sustainable limits will require a major collective effort in all aspects of life.  FSA has routinely incorporated a sensitivity to energy and environmental issues in all of our work.  Specific client interest in building sustainability, green and reflective roofs, glazing design, and sunshade options, solar energy infrastructure and energy efficiency, have led FSA to develop special capabilities in these areas.  We now perform energy modeling, payback analysis for proposed retrofits, and technically support our clients in the pursuit of LEED certified buildings, while at the same time providing roofing, cladding and structural expertise to help bring energy retrofit designs to life.

We provide the following Energy & Sustainability services:

  •     Green Roof Feasibility Studies and Design
  •     Glazing and Sunshade Design
  •     Photovoltaic Feasibility Studies
  •     Thermographic Surveys
  •     Energy Modeling
  •     Energy Audits
  •     Building Condition Assessments
  •     Reserve Fund Studies