Efficiencies in the maintenance, repair and replacement of roof systems have a significant positive effect on the overall long-term financial operations of the building. This is especially important with roof systems possibly entering a cycle of heavier maintenance and repair requirements. Most importantly, good roof performance and safe roof access contribute to better interior environmental health and safety for the occupants and users, which are primary goals of all building owners and managers.

FSA has the experience and technical knowhow to accurately identify and evaluate the current condition of your roof systems, and provide measures for efficient maintenance and repair.

What FSA will do for you:

  • Review drawings, related investigations, roof repair records, and any existing information that is available and interview site staff to prepare an accurate historical record
  • Visual review of roof conditions by knowledgeable professionals
  • Detailed measurements and photographic documentation of relevant surfaces, equipment, and defects
  • Cut tests and material testing
  • Thermographic scanning and ELD
  • Roof repair and replacement recommendations
  • Capital project planning and cost estimating
  • Roof asset management databases