FSA staff are expertly trained and ideally suited for building forensic investigative work. We intimately understand the cause-effect relationship between building elements, time, and their environment, because we have observed, measured, and reported on so many examples, from an objective, knowledgeable, and experienced perspective.

This perspective benefits FSA in both our routine investigations and those involving claims and disputes.

What FSA will do for you:

  • Diagnostic investigations of building performance issues
  • Forensic investigation of building envelope and roof failures
  • Qualification and quantification of on-site conditions and damages
  • Expert review and critique of construction specifications and drawings
  • Construction contract review
  • Audits and comparative studies of construction drawings and as-built conditions
  • Building code analysis and interpretation
  • Technical support and consultation before trial
  • Expert testimony in litigation
  • Presentation and refutation of technical evidence
  • Preparation of comprehensive scopes of repair and costs
  • Administration of rehabilitative contract works
  • Hail damage investigations
  • Wind and water damage investigations
  • Technical reports for insurance claims
  • Negotiation of warranty disputes
  • Arbitration
  • Product evaluation and testing
  • Laboratory and field analysis