Brockville Power House Chimney
1804 Highway 2 East, Brockville ON

The Power Plant Chimney was built circa 1932 as an incinerator, converted to a coal chimney, then to natural gas and finally decommissioned in 2011.  The structure is approximately 80’ high and 12’ in diameter at the base with walls about 12” thick consisting of two wythes of brick or terra cotta masonry units.

Some of the masonry was in poor condition; some of the joints had cracked and there were areas with extensively deteriorated mortar joints including several areas where bricks are missing.  Fishburn Sheridan & Associates was engaged to design and implement the repairs required to make the chimney structurally sound and, aesthetically, to bring the chimney back to stable condition in a manner that respects the conservation values and methods associated with the provincial heritage site of provincial importance.

FSA’s Role

Fishburn Sheridan & Associates Ltd. (FSA) conducted a structural review of the Brockville Power House Chimney (Chimney) that included a visual survey, destructive testing and a series of engineering calculations.  The purpose of the structural review was to assess the structural integrity of the chimney and its capacity to withstand lateral wind loads in conformance with the Ontario Building Code (OBC) 2006.