A concrete structure designed for durability promotes good drainage, has adequate cover over reinforcing steel, is properly sealed against chloride intrusion, has sufficient expansion joints to accept movement caused by thermal fluctuations, creep and shrinkage, freeze/thaw cycles, seismic and other dynamic stresses. Unfortunately, not all concrete structures retain these characteristics over time and therefore require ongoing maintenance and/or remedial action.

FSA understands the issues presented by concrete structures and the importance of remediation, from both a financial and life safety point of view. FSA has the knowledge and equipment to evaluate both structural and waterproofing components of concrete structures and then design efficient remediation plans customized to the specific issues. 

What FSA will do for you:

  • Structural Investigation / Condition Assessment including diagnostic testing (hammer sounding, chain-drag, half-cell testing, chloride ion testing, carbonation testing)
  • Waterproofing Condition Assessment, Investigation, and Design
  • Drainage Studies
  • Design and contract administration of repairs to concrete structures
  • Structural analysis and design of remediation of concrete, steel and wood frame structures

Benefits To Our Clients

  • Effective balance of structural engineering requirements, waterproofing expertise.
  • Application of current materials, science and investigative tools in harmony with an understanding of tendencies and limitations of concrete structure life-cycles.
  • In-depth combination of knowledge of structural engineering and waterproofing design to assist appropriate specification of repairs to efficiently extend concrete structure life and promote public safety.