FSA only knows how to work one way – with fierce independence and objectivity in finding the best engineering solutions for our clients.  While we do maintain cordial relations with materials suppliers and contractors, we serve only one client on our projects, and that client can expect us to work in a diligent and unbiased manner on their behalf.  Our staff are guided by the Codes of Ethics of our professional organizations such as PEO, OIQ, OACETT, and IIBEC.  Our project designs are specific and detailed, and they encourage competition between several competing material suppliers and contractors.  This promotes more accurate and competitive bidding, and fewer costly surprises.

FSA is wholly employee-owned and performs only engineering and consulting work.  We have no ties of any kind with any materials manufacturer or supplier, or with any contractor.  This allows us to act consistently in our client’s interest, without fear of conflicts of interest.  The same cannot be said for material manufacturers and distributors who also provide design and consulting services, since their interest in specifying and selling their own materials is at odds with a truly competitive and objective design and construction process.

What FSA will do for you:

On every project, FSA will bring a wide array of options into consideration as we formulate detailed and specific design solutions for your needs, solutions that are able to be provided by a wide combination of qualified manufacturers and contractors.  We will independently and objectively evaluate tenders and administer contracts to maximize your value-for-money for each project.

For public agencies, FSA’s designs will help you ensure that your procurement practices comply with the regulations set by your jurisdiction; by avoiding conflicts of interest, being transparent and competitive, and providing the best value to the public.

Our Services

  • Unbiased and objective assessment of needs
  • Design choices from a wide spectrum of materials
  • Project-specific design to maximize value for money
  • Bid documents designed to encourage competition
  • True 3rd party quality assurance and testing
  • Compliance with public sector procurement requirements.
  • No conflicts of interest