Project managers and general contractors typically carry the most responsibility for the successful completion of any construction project. Increasingly, Fishburn Sheridan & Associates Ltd. is commissioned by project managers and general contractors to provide third-party design review,  field review and testing services in technically demanding elements of construction. We inherit and invite a high level of responsibility in any project we are involved with, and take the goals and needs of our client seriously in carrying out those responsibilities, while understanding that our services must fit within the framework of a larger picture.

Our goal in these projects is to be a technically thorough and knowledgeable extension of the project manager’s or contractor’s own forces in dealing with subcontractors, designers and clients. We know that our success in such projects depends completely on the success of our client, and encourage the client to depend on our assistance as much as is appropriate to fully achieve his ends.

We provide the following services for Project Managers & General Contractors:

  • Roofing & Waterproofing Field Review Services
  • Exterior Cladding Field Review Services
  • Glazing & Window Field Review Services
  • Air Barrier Field Review Services
  • Coatings Inspection Services
  • Firestopping & Fire Separation Field Review Services
  • Structural Load Testing.
  • Roof Anchor Testing & Inspection
  • Design Review Services